Whalin’ Away

I went whale watching today on a trip outside of Sydney harbor. An incredible experience as the pictures below will show. These creatures came all the way next to the boat, apparently curious who was floating around there and attracted by noise we made, circling our boat for the better part of an hour, playing with each other, waving their tails and blowing air once we found them. They’re gracious in their movements despite their enormous size and weight. True kings and queens of the ocean and worthy of our care and preservation.

Sydney – Whale Watching

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  1. amazing! its reminding me of a trip i took to capetown/southafrica years ago. after having visited kruger park with all its typical “african” fauna (lions, giraffes, zebras, elefants etc) we took this tour to the outskirts of capetown. after the guide mentioned that this one place was well known for whale-watching (though he pretended to have never seen a single whale there in over 20 years that he was doing this tour) there really were some of these gentle giants. it was amazing an breathtaking and i personally fell in love with these creatures (which definately need our protection and caring). your pictures and experiences are topping my memory since i never knew that they would come as close to a ship as they did with you. another highlight of your little trip, wasnt it?

  2. yeah, indeed. Apparently banging on the hull of the ship and shouting attracted the animals to come closer. They’re very curious and are attracted by noise.

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