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Mosquitos In Paradise

As I mentioned before, there is a little place on earth I consider paradise: The area around my mom’s summer house on the western coast of Sweden, near a little place called Fjallbacka – now the location for a series of fairly entertaining whodunnit stories by local author Camilla Lackberg.

To see why I love this place so much, the following pictures should do the talking more effectively:


Physical beauty alone however hardly covers my affection for this place. It’s the memories accumulated over nearly two decades of using this place as my refuge from work and people, as my place to simply put up my feet and be. As with most beautiful things on earth, however there is a fly in the ointment: The local mosquito population appears to have taken a particular likening to me, flying their nightly attack raides on me as soon as I turn out the bedroom light. So, as I revel in the memories of yet another great Swedish summer (lovely weather not included), I also carry my physical reminders of my most recent trip to heaven.

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  1. as I revel in my own dreamy Spanish landscape, I too am swatting late-night-Catalunyian mosquitos! thanks for the great photos: beautiful!… jane

  2. have you heard its said that malaria is gonna spread throughout europe now due to global warming? can u imagine that cold-a** germany is gonna suffer under malaria? WTF??!?!?!

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