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Shootin’ up …

Seems that travelling abroad without the risk of Hepatitis is nothing for us spontaneous souls … In preparation for my trip to China, where Hepatitis is still prevalent (especially the type A & B varieties) I wanted to get my vaccinations in order. However, to develop immunity against Hepatitis is a six months process, with three rounds of shots …

Fortunately, there’s a protocol called “colonial rules” that seems to help, under which you can’t eat anything unless you can peal or boil it first.

Hello bananas, oranges and hot tea (especially tasty for brushing teeth) …


Those of you versed in the obscure world of independent film making may recognize the inspiration of my blog. While I’m not as chemically altered as the boys in the film “trainspotting” I do want to use an occasionally irreverent view on matters around me; the things I see, the things I hear and the things that most positively annoy me.

While based in New York City, working in entertainment and the arts, I will soon embark on a once in a lifetime journey around the world. So, there will be plenty to see and comment on.

You’re welcome to tag along.

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